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Google Chrome 14.0.835.163 Released

Google Chrome 14.0.835.163 has been released for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The update includes fixes for 32 vulnerabilities, 15 of which are classified as high or critical.


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First Look at Windows 8

Wow. The security enhancements in Windows 8 look fantastic. Details are available here: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/b8/archive/2011/09/15/protecting-you-from-malware.aspx.

A few things spring to mind:
1). The changes to the Windows 8 heap will significantly raise the bar for exploit developers, and pentest tool vendors. The days of serious and widespread remotely exploitable buffer overflow bugs are mostly behind us. Most of those have been hunted to extinction over the past several years. Today’s cutting edge OS exploit development work is largely in the heap overflow arena, and things will get dramatically more difficult for heap exploit developers as the … Continue Reading