VMware Releases Security Updates for ESX, ESXi, Player, Workstation, and Fusion

VMware has released security updates affecting the following product versions:

VMware Workstation 7.1.3 and earlier
VMware Player 3.1.3 and earlier
VMware Fusion 3.1.2 and earlier
ESXi 4.1 without patch ESXi410-201104402-BG
ESXi 4.0 without patch ESXi400-201104402-BG
ESXi 3.5 without patches ESXe350-201105401-I-SG and ESXe350-201105402-T-SG
ESX 4.1 without patch ESX410-201104401-SG
ESX 4.0 without patch ESX400-201104401-SG
ESX 3.5 without patches ESX350-201105401-SG, ESX350-201105404-SG and, ESX350-201105406-SG


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