Adobe Reader 9.4.3 Released

Adobe Reader version 9.4.3 has been released. 9.4.3 fixes a security issue in authplay.dll and three other bugs. The corresponding security patch in the 10.x series won’t come out until mid-June.

The fix for the printing issue introduced in 9.4.2 made it into 9.4.3. From the release notes at

“Printing bug: Some users are experiencing printing issues with 9.4.2 as described here: The 9.4.3 release resolves these issues.”

The full list of bugfixes included in 9.4.3 are:
2809151: The printing problems that some users of 9.4.2 have experienced are fixed by replacing the Adobe.Acrobat.Dependencies.manifest file present in the Acrobat directory.
2819489: Acrobat 9 crashes when choosing Attach as Email after applying the 9.4.2 update.
2814620: File > Create PDF from File no longer functions on OS X 10.6.6 after installing 9.4.2.
2818847: Initiating the form wizard crashes the non-English version of Acrobat 9.4.2.


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