Saving Money on Antivirus Subscription Renewals

Brian Krebs has published a good article that is of value to millions of home users who are currently overpaying to renew their antivirus licenses every year. He discusses the new Renewal Buddy site (, whose purpose is to help home users save money purchasing or renewing licenses for their antivirus products.

That is good information, but Renewal Buddy makes some dubious recommendations at times for alternative antivirus solutions. For the most effective antivirus support currently in existence, typical home users of Windows should stick with either Avira Antivir if they prefer a free tool, or one of the Norton/Symantec security suites if they prefer a paid and supported product. Both tools are excellent, battle tested, and consistently do well (first or second place always) in antivirus comparison tests. The free Avira Antivir does nag you frequently to upgrade or move to the paid Pro version, but despite that small nuisance it has an excellent reputation for effective protection against malware.

So if you don’t feel comfortable with the free Avira Antivir alternative, our recommendation is to consider Renewal Buddy only for reducing the yearly cost of maintaining your Norton/Symantec subscription. (For Windows home users, McAfee, Kaspersky, and Trend Micro have been slipping in quality lately, and the other few dozen smaller antivirus vendors out there aren’t worth considering). There are other solid AV choices (e.g. Sophos) for web proxy AV and email servers, but in this article we are taking a brief detour from our enterprise focus and talking about home users and how they can protect themselves in the most effective and economical way.


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  1. Adam said:

    Mar 04, 11 at 6:05 am

    I feel that Microsoft Security Essentials at least deserves to be mentioned, an excellent free alternative (w/o nags).

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