[ICS] Sielco Sistemi Winlog Security Update Released

Sielco Sistemi Winlog version 2.07.01A fixes an important security issue. The underlying bug is present in all versions of Sielco Sistemi WinLog Lite and WinLog Pro up to and including version 2.07.00.

UPDATE 24 Jan 2011 – A reliable expoit is now available in the White Phosporous (commercial) add-on for Immunity CANVAS.

[Updated Lite version] http://www.sielcosistemi.com/download/WinlogLite_Setup.exe
[Updated Pro version] http://www.sielcosistemi.com/download/Winlog_Setup_SF.exe

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website: www.sharpesecurity.com
Twitter: twitter.com/sharpesecurity
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