Get $3500 iDefense Advanced Malware Class for Price of a Single Book

Get the benefit of the former $3500 Verisign iDefense Advanced Malware class for the price of a single book. The “Malware Analyst’s Cookbook” has been released, and it appears to be a much better value than it might seem at first glance. Michael Hale Ligh (formerly of iDefense, now Terremark) is one of the authors and he taught the well-regarded iDefense Malware analysis class that I am comparing this book to. He is also one of the top 10 malware reverse engineers in the world – and I do include the best among the intelligence services, military, and national labs in making that claim.

Other authors include Blake Harstein (also of iDefense) – the author of Jsunpack ( – and Steven Adair who brought us the ShadowServer Foundation (

The lists of chapters from the book reads much like the outline of the $3500 iDefense class.
1. Anonymizing Your Activities
2. Honeypots
3. Malware Classification
4. Sandboxes and Multi-AV Scanners
5. Domains and IP Addresses
6. Malicious Documents and URLs
7. Malware Labs
8. Automation
9. Dynamic Analysis
10. Malware Forensics
11. Debugging Malware
12. De-Obfuscation
13. Working with DLLs
14. Kernel Debugging
15. Memory Forensics with Volatility
16. Memory Forensics: Code Injection & Extraction
17. Memory Forensics: Rootkits
18. Memory Forensics: Network and Registry

You can order your copy here (affiliate link for this site): Malware Analyst’s Cookbook and DVD: Tools and Techniques for Fighting Malicious Code


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